APRIL 2002

04/11/02 - Party & Turner Falls - In March, Nathan & I went to visit family and friends in Stillwater, OK.  During the visit, we had a birthday party for Kahle, Jonathan's better half.  On the way back, we stopped at Turner Falls (south central OK) for a break.  We walked around and saw some waterfalls.  

It was beautiful and relaxing.

- Susan

04/15/02 - Dakota - A sweet little kitten was brought in to the veterinary hospital last week after a tomcat had come through and killed the other kittens.  The family was stray, and somebody rescued this particular one.  I decided to be the foster parent because in the process of "raising" a kitten, I end up learning information that I can pass on to my clients.  His name is Dakota, and he is approximately 3-1/2 weeks right now.  He is cutting his teeth and loves to suckle on my fingers, especially when he's tired and going to sleep.  I carry him just about everywhere with me in a basket.  Nobody has ever told me I can do otherwise-they either don't seem to notice or ask about him and coo about how adorable he is.  In just a couple more weeks, he should be weaned and ready for a loving home.

This past weekend we went to Lawton, OK to visit family and celebrate my brother's 18th birthday...yea, Jeff!

- Susan