APRIL 2004

04/24/04 - The Other Move - Grandma and Grandpa VanNatta move to Pottsboro, TX:

‘Twas the afternoon of the move, the flowerbeds were in bloom,

 remodeling was nearly complete, except for one bathroom.

The balloons were hung, on the front porch with care,

In hopes that the grandparents would soon be there.

The workers were prepared for lifting and unpacking,

While visions of back aches and muscle cramps were not lacking.

 The boxes were opened, and the furniture was arranged,

Not one item was broken, shattered, or left estranged.

When out on the front porch there arose such a clatter,

Grandpa finished the BBQ and placed it on a platter.

Away to the dinner table we sped with much cheer,

Please pass the corn, the potatoes, and the beer.

We lurched from the table and adjourned to our beds,

No sheep and no fences were required in our heads.

Although drifting to sleep, one thought still stuck,

I’m glad it was just one small van, and not a Mack truck.

- Nathan