APRIL 2008

04/05/08 - Celtic Fiddle – Both Susan and I were a little surprised with this concert at Bass Hall.  It featured Natalie Mac Master and a variety of Scottish folk music.  I was expecting a little more of a Celtic or Irish theme (hard to describe, but more of a mellow music) and I was surprised to find out the performance was much more "folkish" with lots of foot tapping, a little dancing, and music that sounded like it could have been played from around a campfire in the woods.  Although it wasn't what I expected, it certainly was entertaining and I definitely enjoyed the concert.  Susan was surprised because I believe she expected to be bored to tears - she usually turns her nose up at my Enya and Anúna CDs.  It turns out she also had a good time - woohoo...a double winner!

After the performance we walked over to the new Cantina Laredo Mexican restaurant in Sundance Square.  The food was pretty good, we shared spinach enchiladas and chicken tortilla soup, and the atmosphere was hip.  That was probably our last unhealthy meal until April 12th - we need to start saving our taste buds for our upcoming cruise!

- Nathan