08/07/02 - 75% CPA - In regards to the CPA exam, I did not pass all four parts. However, I would like to announce my CPA results were not nearly as dismal as I expected.  Keeping in mind only 15% of those taking the test in Oklahoma passed the May 2002 exam, here are my scores and some comparison numbers:

MY SCORE 80 78 86 74
% PASSED (TOTAL) 21.55% 24.55% 14.68% 18.52%
% PASSED (1ST ATTEMPT) 20.83% 23.96% 14.06% 16.67%

Passing requires a score of 75 for any particular section.  Fortunately, if you pass at least two sections, and if all four grades are above 50, then you receive conditional credit.  Conditional credit means you do not have to retake any portions of the exam you passed as long as you pass the remaining section(s) within the next two years.  Therefore, I will only have to study and sit for the Accounting and Reporting (ARE) section this November! 

Assuming I am able to pass the last section of the exam, I will get my CPA license for Oklahoma in February of 2003.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to transfer the license to Texas until after I complete some additional education requirements which Texas requires.  

- Nathan

08/10/02 - Susan's New Car -I got an SUV!!!!!  I have wanted an SUV since I was 15 and finally the dream is coming true.  It is a 2001 Mazda Tribute (just like the Ford Escape) with only 17K miles on it.  It is silver with tinted windows.  The interior is gray cloth with plenty of storage room and people room.  In addition, there is a CD player and several other accessories.  I am very excited and will have to drive it to Lawton and Stillwater soon to show family and friends.

- Susan

08/12/02 - Bueller...Bueller - Today is another one of those days where I would like to take a minute to post a fun photo.  While in Tulsa a few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet actor Alan Ruck.  Not only was Mr. Ruck an all-around nice guy, but he was eager to pose for this photo taken by Markus and Kim Isaak.  Mr. Ruck portrayed Cameron in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and Stuart on the TV show "Spin City".

Click to enlarge



- Nathan

08/24/02 - Go Cats!!! - The Fort Worth Cats are a local baseball team that participates in a fairly small league.  However, you certainly wouldn't believe it was anything less than major league when watching them.  Susan and I were invited to one of their final games this season as part of an employee's night out for the accountants who work at Frontier General.  It was a great game on a brand new LaGrave field, the home of the Cats.  

The Cat's haven't been doing too hot this season and started off the first half of the game with a 4 point deficit to the Ozark Mountain Ducks.  Nevertheless, the Cats tied it up in the ninth to bring the game into extra innings.  After a scoreless 10th inning, the Cats loaded the bases at the bottom of the 11th and sent everyone home with a grand slam over the left field wall.  Final score; 8-4.

Thanks to Gary and Frontier for getting us tickets.  We'll certainly be up for another Cats game next season!

- Nathan

08/25/02 - Stones, plays, and kittens-Oh My!!! - This week was very busy and interesting at The Cat's Meow.  I removed 13 spiked stones from the urinary bladder of one cat and 1 marble-sized stone from another.  They were much more comfortable after surgery.  Last weekend we watched a play called Over the River and Through the Woods at Circle theatre downtown.  It was a comedy about an Italian family in New Jersey and centered around family, faith, and food.  Dakota is now 5 months old.  He is equivalent to a toddler-rambunctious and into EVERYthing!

- Susan

08/31/02 - Six Flags - Today was the day Russell decided to venture South on his new motorcycle, returning to Texas after a long hiatus.  In an attempt not to be upstaged, George also made the trip North, and Carey made the trip slightly East, so we could all share in the thrills and spills of Six Flags in Arlington! 

After a delicious breakfast at a local greasy-spoon, we arrived bright and early (9:30AM) at the gates of entertainment.  After riding most of the roller coasters (except me; yours truly is not a fan of roller coasters), dining on mediocre hot dogs, and watching George get mysteriously soaked on a log ride (how did he manage that Russ?!?), we adjourned tired and weary (8:00PM) to dine at Joe's Crab Shack.

Everyone had a blast and I'm looking forward to the next get-together!  On that note, I would like to leave with a parting photograph which pretty much speaks for itself.

- Nathan