8/13/03 - Blue Man Group - There are few words which could accurately describe this concert. Stating it was electrifying, creative, or stunning would be an understatement. It was not simply a performance for the ears; it was also a production for the eyes, mind, and body. The show combines the elements of art, theatre, music, and science for an experience that no only entertains, but involves the audience.

The music of the show is mostly percussive with some vocals and a few string instruments; however, many of the percussive instruments are not of your typical variety. They include a PVC tube drum, an overturned piano in which the cords are struck with a rubber sledgehammer, and whip sticks (air poles). The Blue Men never speak, but through the use of humor and miming, they are able to provide an aspect of live theatre. With the inclusion of hundreds of lights, numerous video screens, and flying paint tom-toms, the art of the show is displayed in vivid color. Finally, the science behind the unique instruments and music cannot be overlooked while marveling at the performance.

The concert began with an introduction from two other groups. The first band was led by Tracy Bonham and included an electric violin as one of the featured instruments. The second band was Venus Hum, a group which performs mainly with computerized synthesizers. Both groups bordered on the edge of rock and techno/trance music and were very entertaining. After these two groups played, there was a short intermission, and then the Blue Men were center stage for the remainder of the evening. Susan and I both thoroughly enjoyed the concert, and Iím definitely looking forward to seeing the even more elaborate performance the next time we are in Las Vegas.

- Nathan

8/17/03 - Fossil Rim - A Sunday with nothing to do.  It seems to be a fairly frequent occurrence around that Susan and I try to remedy as quickly as possible.  Without any unique and interesting activities happening in Fort Worth, we decided to open up our Entertainment Passbook and take a look.  Within a few minutes we had found our destination and were busy calling Carey and Matt to join us on a trip to Fossil Rim

Fossil Rim is a drive-thru wildlife sanctuary located about an hour South of Fort Worth in Dinosaur Valley (another place we'll visit on another lazy Sunday in the future).  This refuge (very similar to Arbuckle Wilderness, but much-much-much nicer) is home to over 1,000 exotic, threatened, and endangered animals.  The following are some pictures of our favorite friends who visited us while driving through:

Carey (left) and a Goat (right) "Do you have any sweet feed for me?"
Stars and Stripes I Don't Wanna Grow Up...

In addition to the above animals, the sanctuary also housed cheetahs, addax, oryx, emus, deer, kudu, ostrich, rhinoceros, gazelle, wildebeest, wolves and many others.

- Nathan