08/22/06 - August Events – Susan and I have participated in several interesting events over the past month and I wanted to touch on those real quick (that and I wanted to ensure I had at least one diary entry for August).

Nina Visit – Nina dropped by for a visit early this month.  She and Susan caught up on shopping while we visited the Western Currency Printing Facility in North Fort Worth.  It was both an educational and interesting tour – I’d definitely recommend it! 

31st Birthday – We held another wine tasting this year for my 31st birthday.  Several friends and coworkers were in attendance and we enjoyed an interesting and flavorful sampling of vintages.  For dessert we indulged in a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cake

Frontier Poker – Finally snagged first place again at our August tournament.  I usually do a good job of either placing dead last (darn inopportunely timed all-ins), second, or third.  It was nice to get back into the swing of claiming the top spot.  Now I won’t feel so bad about taking dead last at the September game ;). 

Rumors – This play at Theatre Arlington turned out to be quite a bit better than the last.  This one was more of a comedy in which the actors were thrown into an odd situation where each participant felt the need to keep their involvement in the same situation a secret.  Lies, rumors, and suspicion were abound!

Cats Baseball – It was time for another company-sponsored outing to watch our local baseball team, the Fort Worth Cats.  Not only was this game a win for the home team, but the Cats managed to clinch their first no-hitter in the modern history of the team (the team was started up again about five years ago).  We actually attended something that will be part of Cats baseball history – Purrfect! 

On top of the above list, Susan is going to have her eyes done (PRK surgery) on August 25th.  She will be out of commission for several days and I may post some exploits of “The Blind and the Restless” towards the end of the month.

- Nathan