08/15/10 - Eternal Backyard Project Completed I would be lying if I said we haven't done anything since my most recent diary entry in June.  The truth is I simply haven't taken the time to sit down and actually write.  There was Concerts in the Garden with Joe late in June - he treated us to the John Williams concert.  I enjoyed several wine tasting events (one of which included over 100 different wines; however, I only made it through about half of them - I'm only human).  We spent a weekend in San Antonio for an accounting convention (I know - how much fun could that be?!? - I'll say extremely fun... once all the accounting crap is done).  There were also several pool parties (Luce, Selzer/Tarpley, Bean).  Oh, and our favorite dancer this year, Lauren, won So You Think You Can Dance!

Of course, the big event of August thus far was my 35th birthday celebration and our backyard warming party.  We started our landscaping during the later half of the dark ages November 2009 with a quote of about eight weeks to finish.  Little did we know eight weeks was an ever so slight underestimation of the work being done.  What essentially was Susan's Christmas present eventually became her birthday gift... anniversary bequest... I almost lucked out and got to use it for a second Christmas ;).  Nevertheless, Bill did finish - and much like the tortoise from The Tortoise and the Hare, slow and steady results in a beautiful backyard.  The only thing we're lacking is an abundance of animal residents to take up home, but that is coming along quickly.  We have several toads, lots of dragonflies, and a couple of raccoons who think our backyard is dandy.  Hopefully we'll have some fish before the end of the year (yes, I know we'll have to buy those - I'm not expecting them to wander in to our pond - at least not unless there is a flash flood).

We held off on pictures until after the party (no spoilers allowed - Jonathan would be so proud), so as promised, here they are...


Our Waterfall and Pond - About 3 Ft Deep

Red Maple in Background

Nancy's Fountain

Garden Path

Stone Bench

Plants Plants Plants (groundcover that will fill in)

Crepe Myrtle transplanted from neighbor's yard

Walkway to the Deck

Savannah Holly

Vitex (you can also see grapevines growing up the sides of the deck)

Have You Seen the Size of My Deck? (Google this phrase if you don't know)

Tropical Path

Stepping Stones

Native and Adapted Plant Garden

Flagstone Porch


Pergola Plants


Purple Fountain Grass

Steps to the Vegetable Garden (Courtesy of the Kups)

Looking South (view from the porch)

View From the Deck

Veggie Garden (behind the fenceline)

Looking North

Looking West

Pond Plants

- Nathan