12/22/02 - Where the Deer and the Antelope Play - The house is coming along very quickly!  After the foundation was poured, I was almost about to visit daily and find major progress each time.  As of yesterday, the interior walls had been textured and were ready for painting (well, the texturing still needs a few days to dry).  Most of the structure is complete and only the customized details remain.  The next major step will be the brickwork on the fireplace and exterior of the house.  I expect to have a photograph of a completely bricked house on our "home page" before Christmas.

Once the house has been bricked and the interior walls painted, the builder will probably begin on the interior finishing touches.  This includes the wood trim on the interior of the house and the installation of doors, carpet, wall jacks, tile, fixtures, cabinets, and appliances.  Once everything is completed, we are scheduled to close the sale on January 20th ( 2 days). 

- Nathan