02/28/11 - Hockey, Circus, and Museums, oh my! – Susan and I joined the Luces on the 19th for a little dinner and hockey.  The appetizer was a discussion of our group plans for the cruise later this year - each of us essentially had one island to research and plan.   We hashed out various snorkeling, sailing, and adventure options until we arrived at a decent outline of our week in paradise.  I'm definitely looking forward to the ocean! Afterwards we made a quick jaunt over to the NYTEX sports arena to watch the Texas Brahmas battle it out against the Allen Americans.  It was a close game with the final score of 5-4 - the Brahmas claiming a resounding victory.

On the 12th, shortly before Valentine's Day, Glenda, Susan, and I attended "Adult After Hours" at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  I know it sounds a bit risqué from the name, but the event is simply a way to visit the exhibits at the museum during a time when nobody under 18 is allowed admission.  It is a superb idea!  The museum brings in a few less childish activities - we made bath salts, listened to a brief seminar on "crimes of passion" from a forensic historian, and even enjoyed a bit of couples Twister (which Susan and I won, by the way).  There is a DJ, adult beverages, and good times.  We'll have to do this again (it is a monthly event at the museum).

We hooked up with Bob and Deb to watch the amazing antics of Cirque du Soleil on February 6th.  The show, Ovo, was only my second Cirque event and it was absolutely outstanding!  This video was one of my favorite acts from the performance.  That part you don't quite get to see is when they start tossing the acrobats from left to right - over and under each other - incroyable.

- Nathan