1/25/02 - Christmas & January - For Christmas this year, we got to visit lots of family and had a really great time-saw some relatives we don't get to visit with too often and had some exciting gift exchanges!  January has been busy-we had a dinner party with some people from work (Nathan made a fabulous lasagna with salad, bread, veggies, wine, cheesecake).  In addition, there have been chili pot-lucks, Partylite candle parties, blood donations (fun, fun), and Doctor appointments.  Every once in a while, we relax.

- Susan

01/27/02 - The New Year - Thus far the new year has been fairly busy for both Susan and me.  I've been spending longer hours at work due to year-end accounting, and Susan, of course, has been spending the normal long hours at the Cat's Meow treating the big and little kitties.  In addition to the regular work, we have also been trying to plan what we wanted to do for our wedding this year.  

For the past several months, this has been a topic we've mildly tossed back and forth.  Did we want to have the wedding in Stillwater, Lawton, Oklahoma City (middle ground), or Fort Worth?  Did we want a church, a chapel, or an outdoor garden?  Who would be groomsmen and who would be bridesmaids? What kind of cake? All of this quickly became a very complicated and expensive topic =).  However, after deliberating for a few months, we decided to go for the fun and simple solution.....Las Vegas.

This past week Susan and I finalized our plans with a local travel agent for a 6 day/5 night stay in Las Vegas.  We'll be leaving on Sunday June 2nd and returning the following Friday.  Our package includes a mini-suite at the Luxor hotel and casino.  On Monday, June 3rd, we'll be picked up in a limousine and taken to the Candlelight Wedding Chapel on the strip.  The wedding is at 7pm (Las Vegas time).  Everyone is invited to come have a good time in Vegas with us for our wedding.  

Last night Susan and I took a quick trip to Dallas to see Target Stars on Ice.  This is our third year to see the show and we still enjoy it every year.  Some of the stars this year include Tara Lipinski, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Kurt Browning.  Scott Hamilton retired last year and was sorely missed from this year's performance (he always stole the show).  Before reaching the ice arena, we stopped for dinner with Christi (long-time Lawton friend) and Heather (Christi's roommate) in Irving at Beto's Mexican Restaurant.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, Susan and I will be making a trip to Stillwater in order to solve a murder!  Before we left for Fort Worth, several of our Stillwater friends got together and indulged in a little mystery game.  As a quick synopsis, the game requires eight players and each player is a character involved in a suspicious murder.  It is up to everyone to discover who committed the crime without revealing too much about your own shady background. We look forward to solving another! 

- Nathan