JULY 2001

07/19/01 Missing Charm - With much sorrow, I must announce that this will probably be the final posting for the "Momma Cat" project.  Right before Susan and I moved to Fort Worth, we decided to take Charm with us on the journey.  We knew from past history that we would be able to capture her without any problems and hoped that Charm would be more comfortable in a new secluded location rather than being left abandoned in a college neighborhood.

On the day of the move, we sedated Charm for the four hour drive to Texas in order to make the trip a little less stressful for her.  However, she still serenaded Susan with her depressing cat meow (She sounds very sad when she is confined to a cage).  Once we arrived and organized all our stuff, Charm was allowed out of her cage to roam the house.  Over the next few days, Charm remained mostly hidden behind the couch, behind the dryer, or under the kitchen cabinets.  With a little coaxing, she would occasionally come out and socialize.  However, she was always very skittish and we could tell she really wanted to be back outside in the wild.  Therefore, after about three days inside of the house, Susan and I gave Charm her freedom.

In order to make the outside environment more comfortable and familiar, we placed some of Charm's favorite items on the back porch.  This included her food bowl, several toys, and a large plant that she liked to hide behind (It is the same plant you can see in the above Halloween picture).  After releasing her, we returned inside to allow Charm a chance to become familiar with her surroundings...unsure as to whether we would ever see her again.

Susan and I were both pleasantly surprised to see Charm waiting for us the next night behind the bushes near the front door.  During this first evening she discovered she could stand on the outside ledge of the window and look inside to see her favorite cat friends (Charm always liked Calypso...however, Calypso was usually a little scared of Charm).  Unfortunately, this was the last evening Susan and I ever saw Charm.

We're not sure what happened to her, but we have done everything in our power to try and find her.  I have spent hours outside roaming the area calling her name and both Susan and I searched all the local animal shelters.  However, Charm is nowhere to be found.  Our only consolation is that we hope she is happy and enjoying her new home in Texas.  There is a large wooded area to the North and a large creek nearby, so there are plenty of places for her to live and plenty of food to eat.  Hopefully, we will come home someday and find her hiding in our bushes with the desire to resume her relationship with us.


07/30/01 -The Move - As of June 29th, Susan and I are officially Texans!  It took two months of planning and packing to prepare for the move, two days to transport our stuff in the biggest Ryder truck available, and about ten seconds for us to start enjoying our new home together.

The big move officially started on the 28th when Susan's family (Rick, Nina, and Jeff) arrived.  Box after box and a ton of furniture was crammed into the moving truck with no room to spare.  After a thorough cleaning of the house on the 29th, we all departed for Texas a little after noon.  Rick and Nina drove the moving truck;  Jeff, Susan, and Charm rode in the new SUV, and Kool-Aid, Calypso, and I traveled in the T-Bird.  We towed Susan's car on a trailer behind the truck (Did I mention that I owe Rick big time for driving our little "semi"?).  After almost an eternity of cat meows, we all arrived safely in Benbrook, TX and started the unloading process.  Within about 24 hours, we had unpacked everything we needed and had the new place feeling just like home.

Kool-Aid and Calypso:  Packed and ready to go.


Our new apartment is great!  It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms (one set upstairs and one set downstairs), kitchen, dining room, living room, and a laundry room.  Overall, there is about a thousand square feet (barely enough for all of our stuff).  We are using the downstairs bedroom as an office and we finally have enough windows for our plants to get all the sunlight they need.  

Since the move, we haven't spent a lot of time exploring the surrounding area.  We have located all of the essentials (Bank, Wal-Mart, Ice Cream Shop, etc.) and we're fairly familiar with how to get around on the highways and streets. We did spend one afternoon visiting the Fort Worth Water Gardens and we also participated in solving a "murder" at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  Hopefully, when we both locate and settle into our new jobs, we will be able to fill you in on more of the local museums and restaurants.

As promised, I'm including some pictures Susan and I have taken during our recent adventures...

Little Sahara, OK

Alabaster Caverns, OK

Fort Worth Water Gardens, TX

Susan and I will be writing again soon once the job situation has been ironed out (Susan starts work on August 4th).