JUNE 2003

6/15/03 - Turner Falls - A few weeks ago, Nathan and I met my parents for a weekend adventure.  We spent the first day at Turner Falls, OK, hiking, rock climbing, cave exploring, and wading in water.  Our memorable night in tents included a thunderstorm, drunk people walking through our campsite, and very uncomfortable "beds."  The next morning we ate at a small greasy spoon restaurant for breakfast then did some geocaching and hiking at Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulfur, OK.  Our next destination was Arbuckle Wilderness, OK, where we fed deer, bison, longhorns, squirrels, emus, goats, and lots of other animals (mostly by hand from the car).  We traveled to Lawton and spent the night there.  The next day we had lunch with Granny and Papa and then we came home.  It was a very spontaneous trip and we had lots of fun!

- Susan