JUNE 2004

06/01/04 - OSU vs Texas - We watched our alma mater, Oklahoma State University, beat Texas during the Big Twelve Tournament. The game was most eventful during one inning where OSU made 8 runs and cycled through several pitchers. The final score was 8-2.

- Susan

06/01/04 - Scarborough Faire - Nathan and I took our friends Katrina and Ty to Scarborough Faire. We watched a swordfight, some comedy shows, a jousting tournament, and a parade. People are dressed up as anything medieval, from fairies to the village idiot to royalty. An entire village with dirt paths contains cute little buildings where food is served and craftsmen display their products for sale. You can purchase jewelry, costumes, handmade soap, candles, home decorations, and most anything you can imagine. There are people playing bagpipes, racing turtles, or randomly walking around in costume making conversation. You can even ride a camel or elephant. It is definitely a unique experience.

- Susan

06/05/04 -Dinner and a Murder - Our latest murder mystery took place in 1936 in an English mansion where we had to collectively figure out which of the characters killed the mansion owner. We shared a dinner with steak and veggies and had cheesecake for dessert. The participants are The Cat's Meow's employees and family.

Miranda "Randy" Shetes
& Prosper "Pro" Bates
Allison "Ali" Bigh
& Malcolm "Mal" Praktiss, MD

Florence "Flo" Wing Brooks
& Roger B. Astird
& Anne T. Ickwitee
Donald "Donny" Brooks
& Damselyne D. Istresse

- Susan

06/12/04 - Katrina's 25th! - This weekend we celebrated the 25th birthday of our friend, Katrina.  We loaded into their van and headed for Grapevine, Texas.  Grapevine Mills Mall is larger than 8 football fields and comes complete with a movie theater, 2 ice skating rinks, a skateboarding area, many restaurants and over 200 stores, and a large arcade, Gameworks.  At Gameworks, Katrina mastered Skeeball and was excited about buying little trinkets with tickets.  Ty enjoyed baseball, car racing, and a virtual shooting game.  Nathan hit the jackpot on a game and won 500 tickets.  His favorite game is DDR, Dance Dance Revolution.  Susan milked a cow and did some virtual snowskiing.  We had supper at the Rainforest Cafe, where the gorillas and elephants throw periodic tantrums and rainstorms hit every once in a while.  We stopped at the Marble Slab Creamery for ice cream on the way home.

- Susan

06/25/04 -Let the Good Times Roll - With two sets of parents and cash in our pockets, Susan and I set forth toward Shreveport. From arrival until departure, we played our part in supporting the Louisiana economy and also partook in plenty of local cuisine.

Blackjack, Craps, and Slot Machines dominated our weekend.  We won a little, and lost a little more, but overall we came out ahead with the entertainment and fun!


Overall we had a blast and look forward to more adventures in the near future (hopefully we get our long vacation soon we both need it).

- Nathan