MARCH 2003

3/08/03 - Warming up the House - Friends and co-workers joined us for a house warming party this weekend.  For those not in attendance, we enjoyed a smorgasbord of some of my favorite dishes, wine, and a massive portion of conversation.  The following are a few pictures depicting all of the fun.

- Nathan

3/16/03 - Spring planting - After the snow cleared up, it became spring (strange how two seasons in the south can be separated alone by one week!)  We planted a Red Maple tree after much searching.  I love the red color, but they apparently don't do very well here because of the lack of water, so it was difficult to find one.  Fortunately, we have an in-ground sprinkler system that can be programmed for frequent watering.  In addition, we spent today landscaping.  It was 70 and sunny.  We applied edging around the landscape areas and planted Photinia, dwarf Monkey grass, Duranta gold tip, Caladium bulbs, Gladiolus bulbs, Canna bulbs, and various seeds.  It was a lot of work but hopefully will look beautiful soon.

- Susan