MARCH 2005

03/14/05 - Susan's 29th Birthday –  I guess I've been slacking off a bit lately on the diary updates *blush*. I'm sure some interesting stuff has happened over the past couple of months, and I'll probably be able to dig up some pictures too. In the meantime, since Susan sent me a link at work to some of her birthday pictures, I thought I'd post them.


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Daddy Dearest

The theme this year was gardening items and tools along with lots of yummy cake! I'm pretty sure Susan had a wonderful 29th birthday this year, and I hear she is looking forward to celebrating her 29th birthday next year as well.

- Nathan

03/26/05 - Cirque Dreams –  Susan and I went to dinner this evening with DeAnna and Sebastian, a couple of Susan’s clients. DeAnna works at the Bass Hall in downtown Fort Worth and Sebastian flies commercial airline jets (most recently of the fifty passenger type). The cuisine was Italian and we shared both conversation and a bottle of Pinot Grigio before heading over to the Bass Hall for a performance of Cirque Dreams.

Cirque Dreams is a peculiar, but fascinating, circus show similar to the Cirque Du Soleil (but smaller in size). The entourage of performers includes dancers, jugglers, balancers, acrobats, contortionists, and aerialists. The group was able to do some pretty incredible things and I thought the show was very entertaining.

Afterwards we all hot-footed it over the Barnes & Noble coffee shop across the street. We were just barely able to beat the rush and grab a slice of cheesecake and hot drinks to finish off the evening. All in all a grand evening!

- Nathan