MARCH 2009

03/28/09 - Spring Gallery Night I've been fairly lax with diary updates lately.  I suppose it is a combination of Facebook covering the "micro-blog" aspect (I no longer need to post minor items on this diary) and also the fact we haven't done anything terribly unusual over the past couple of months.

We made a trip up to Lawton earlier this month for Susan's birthday.  We had lots of fun with Nina and Papa and enjoyed a whole variety of snacks and wines.   We watched The Devil Wears Prada (I think this movie is hilarious), put together a "new" computer for Nina, and simply enjoyed the free time with nothing terribly important that needed to be done (a favorite hobby of mine).

We have a couple of Purple Martins thinking about taking up residence in our new bird house.  This is very exciting since it is actually common for PM's to ignore your house the first year it is built.  I'm hoping the cold snap this weekend didn't make them change their minds (they might have flown a bit further South again for a few days).

Last night was Spring Gallery Night in Fort Worth.  This is a definite tradition for the two of us to try and attend Gallery Night each Fall and Spring.  We hardly ever buy anything (because most of the work is way over our price range) and mainly go for the entertainment value.  Essentially we "hop" from gallery to gallery and admire the artwork, sample the free wine and snacks, pick up a few trinkets (earrings, candles, gifts for friends), and mock the art we simply do not understand (I mean, really, an orange canvas with a single white dot for thousands of dollars?!?).  One of our favorites collections for the evening was produced by SiNaCa Studios - a selection of glass art - very fascinating.  Other favorites were works by Bob Fox (striking bold colors) and Rebecca Low (always entertaining metal sculptures).  Nicole joined us for the evening and we all had a great time.

- Nathan