MAY 2001

05/06/01 - Road Trip - We went on a road trip to Northwest Oklahoma over the weekend of May 5, 2001.  We visited Boiling Springs near Woodward and toured Alabaster Caverns in the morning.  That afternoon, we dug for selenite crystals at the Great Salt Plains and rode a dune buggy at Little Sahara.  It was an exciting and adventurous day!  (After we move and get the scanner hooked up, we’ll include some pictures!)


05/15/01 - Graduation - Susan is now officially a doctor!!!  May 12, 2001 was Oklahoma State University commencement.  In the morning was an outdoor ceremony with graduates from the entire university.  The veterinary medicine “hooding” ceremony was held that afternoon in the Seretean Center.  Kevin Washburn, a veterinarian at the OSU Teaching Hospital spoke and was very funny.  He included phrases such as, “you know you’re a veterinarian when…you get excited about lancing abscesses…you can run from an irate cow still holding on to the calf jack, OB chains, and a bottle of lube…you’re called out on emergency and the owner says, “well, he’s been doin’ this for about a week or two now…!”  Each graduate was “hooded,” where a collar-like “hood” was placed over the head and around the neck by two clinicians, Drs. Streeter and Morgan, symbolizing the transition into “doctorhood”.  After reciting the veterinarians’ oath, the class was pronounced Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2001.  It was a very (long but) exciting day!

The current plans are to try to find a “purrfect” job in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for “Dr. Sus” and a job in the technology, accounting, or management industries for Nathan.  Once jobs are chosen, we’ll look for a temporary place to live.  If we’re both happy with work and the area, we’ll start looking for a house to purchase.  Oh, and we’ll also start making plans to get married!

- Susan