MAY 2004

05/02/04 - Mayfest - Each year, in Trinity Park, Fort Worth holds it's annual Mayfest. It is basically like Octoberfest, but without all of the German dancers.  Activities included games, food, dancing, and a few vendors.  Susan and I sampled the funnel cake, turkey legs, pizza, and ice cream when it came to the food part.  We spent a few hours there and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at home.

- Nathan

05/15/04 - Hitting the Slots - Susan and I spent last weekend hanging out in Lawton with Rick and Nina. It was a relaxing weekend that included a few garage sales, some geocaching, and a visit to the local Indian casinos. Although it did not have near the selection of Vegas or Shreveport, there was still fun and excitement.

- Nathan

05/21/04 - 21 Credit Hours Down; 6 To Go - My third semester at UTA is complete and all my accounting requirements are taken care of.  All I need to do now is take two more electives.  The pickings were slim during the summer schedule, but I think I found two classes that should be interesting:

  • Real Estate A foundation for study and research in specialized areas such as real estate financing, real estate investment and counseling, real estate management, real estate development, and property appraising.
  • Medical Terminology  An Internet course designed to familiarize students with the basics of vocabulary used in the medical and health professions.  Perhaps Dr. Susan will be able to give me a hand with this course!

The summer semester begins on June 1st and ends July 5th.  Yippee!

- Nathan

05/27/04 - Stockyards - Last weekend we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards and did some sightseeing and geocaching. We had lunch outside at Risky's BBQ then went to the Candy Barrel, several arts shops including New West Arts, where one of my patients actually lives (we visited her and she looks great), and a wine store where we sampled some wines and purchased a bottle of sweet white wine. In the middle of all the shops (which all look like old wooden western stores), is a train depot, where a train that travels to Grapevine stops twice daily. We walked around the stockyards and got to pet a longhorn bull. Cattle come through the stockyards twice daily. It is a neat historic area of Ft. Worth. In some of the pictures below, Nathan is holding his GPS because those pictures can count as locationless geocaches.

- Susan