MAY 2005

05/01/05 - Mayfest –  Susan and I made our annual trip to Fort Worth’s Mayfest this weekend. There were lots of interesting art exhibits and crafts on display. We watched an amazing X-Games style bicycle performance and also hit a few floating golf balls into the Trinity River. We also picked up a free tree from the Arbor Day organization and sampled several types of food. In fact, we received a free onion blossom from one of the vendors just for simply helping them fill little containers of ranch dressing during a hectic time. After a little sun and a butterfly exhibit we headed home to rest for the remainder of our Sunday.

Golfers We're Not

Going Vertical

- Nathan

05/08/05 - Mother's Day –  We had a really enjoyable weekend in Stillwater for Mother’s Day. My Mom had just returned from Disney World and had lots of stories to share about her week’s adventure. For the Mom’s Day dinner we ate at a really nice steak restaurant, Freddie Paul’s, and had frozen custard afterwards….yum! Afterwards we chopped up some peppers and made our own hot sauce; it was quite spicy. I think I still have burn marks on my tongue. On Sunday we found several geocaches near local historical areas and picked up some plants and perennials from a new landscape store. We planted them later that afternoon before returning home.

GPSr Was Required for the Picture


- Nathan

05/20/05 - Kristi's Birthday –  Kristi, my boss, turned 33 today! In celebration, her boyfriend prepared a surprise birthday party for her at a really interesting Italian restaurant in Southlake. Instead of just ordering your own meal, everything was served “family style”. Our table had a large daisy wheel in the middle and huge plates of food were served on it. When you wanted something new, you just spun the wheel and scooped up a portion. It was a ton of fun and we really enjoyed the experience!

Birthday Candles Dining in the "Pope" Room

- Nathan

05/21/05 - This One is Strong in the Force –  Kahle, Jonathan, and his two children came down to visit this weekend. The main event of their trip was the viewing of the new Star Wars movie, which we saw on Saturday afternoon. We bought our tickets ahead of schedule and we didn’t have to wait in line very long (which was good since the show was sold out); however, we did arrive early enough to get great seats in the middle of the theatre. Before the movie we took Jennifer and Jessica (Jonathan’s daughters) out for their first taste of Geocaching. They really had a blast and the rest of us had a nice stroll through the Fort Worth Nature Center. We saw wild berries, grapes, dragon flies, and lots of flowers. It was a little warm, but the serenity made up for the heat. The evening after the show consisted of many games (darts, billiards, and Carcassonne; a strategy game with tiles) and plenty of time to catch up on stories. “This is not the diary entry you are looking for. Move along.”

Jonathan, Kahle, and the Velcro Jessica & Jennifer

- Nathan