MAY 2011

05/15/11 - Kupferle Visit Glenda and Nick recently moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, to take on new opportunities and challenges.  We miss them a lot, and fortunately, we all have Skype so there is ample chance to chat; however, it certainly isn't the same as a good face-to-face visit.  As such, Susan, Asa, Lauren, and I took a quick weekend trip to Arkansas to spend some quality time with our favorite Kups. 


Nick wanted to take the visit to some place a bit more festive so we hopped in the van and drove to Eureka Springs for a weekend on Lake Lucerne.  The cottage he picked out for us was simply perfect!  It was quiet, relaxing, and butting right up against lots of nature (much to Glenda's surprise - dang spiders in the cabin). 

We slept in during the mornings, dined in the evenings, and shopped and walked around town during the other periods.  We found this absolutely wonderful wine bar, The Stone House.  If you are ever in town I highly recommend a visit.  Susan found some jewelry in town, and I found a couple of Geocaches.  We all found plenty of wine - it was a great trip and we hope to see G&N again soon.  *hugs*

- Nathan