11/07/04 - The Color Purple   This was the weekend for home improvement.  I didn't plan it that way, but I kinda got into the mood.  I started out by hanging some blinds on the back door and finished with adding a deadbolt to the garage door.  However, the main project was adding the rope lights to the theater room. 

I used a small strip of molding, offset about 8mm from the ceiling (for maximum "glow" effect).  I also added a new light switch for separate control of the theatre lights.  One of the biggest problems was finding enough rope light to go around the room.  I originally purchased an 18' section of purple light several months ago when I was testing out different ideas.  I wanted to keep the color purple, but I was going to need two more sections in order to complete the room.  Unfortunately, when I stopped at the nearby Home Depot, I found out that color had been discontinued!  They checked all of the nearby stores and discovered that there was no stock remaining.  Afterwards, I checked a variety of other home improvement stores, Wal-Mart, and the Internet.  Unfortunately, I just couldn't find any purple lights.  On a whim, I checked a different Home Depot, and although their computer report zero in stock, they had two sets on the shelf.  Whatdoyaknow - it turned out to be my lucky day after all!


- Nathan