10/15/02 - Just another use for those 1 and 2 stamps - I mailed off the following item a few months back just to see what would happen.  Surprisingly, the envelope made it to its intended destination and it also got rid of all my lonely small-value stamps.

I know this isn't "stop the press" type of news for a diary, but I thought it was humorous and I wanted to share it with everyone.

- Nathan

10/21/02 - Decisions, decisions - We went to the Design Center to finalize our choices for the new house.  We got to choose tile, carpet color, carpet padding, vinyl, paint, counter top material, cabinets, etc.  It took ~2 hours.  We had a professional design consultant help us with the process.  We chose shades of gray and silver for our colors, and made several upgrades to nicer materials.  They should begin on our house this week (if it quits raining!) and should be finished around January.  We are very excited!

- Susan

10/21/02 - The Flood - Earlier this month, we got up in the morning like any normal Friday.  Upon going downstairs, we discovered an inch of standing water throughout the entire downstairs (kitchen, living room, dining room, hall, closet, bedroom, bathroom!).  The water heater had sprung a leak during the night.  Nathan stayed home that day and moved everything we own either outside or upstairs into the one bedroom.  Maintenance came and pulled up the carpet padding, installed a new water heater, and put blowers in the house.  By Sunday it was dry, and the carpet was put back into place.  We spent the next 3 days moving everything back downstairs and arranging.  At least it happened in the apartment and not the new house!  (The water heater in the house will be in the garage with a downward-sloping driveway!) 

- Susan

10/21/02 - Parental Visitation - During that weekend, my parents came to visit.  We went to Central Market, a gourmet grocery store, we looked at the model home for our new house, we went to some local stores.  The restaurants where we ate over the weekend included Scampi's Mediterranean Cafe, Jason's Deli, and Razzoo's Cajun Cafe.  Yum!!!  It was lots of fun and really great to see them.  All friends and family are invited to visit and have lots of fun!!!

- Susan