10/10/03 - San Antonio - Many of our friends in the area have raved about how wonderful it is to visit San Antonio.  Because of this, we have been eager to go, but never able to finalize plans to venture there.  Fortunately, that all changed this weekend.  Susan and I each took Friday off, we packed our bags, and began the four-hour drive South to San Antonio.

It started raining shortly before we left, and the rain pretty much stayed with us through the whole trip.  Nevertheless, we didn't let the rain keep us inside and we were able to visit many of San Antonio's popular areas.  The main attraction, of course, being the Riverwalk.  The Riverwalk is a conglomeration of restaurants, shops, hotels, and a beautifully landscaped sidewalk running along both sides of the San Antonio River.  The river runs through the middle of downtown and even makes a small loop where most of the action is located. 

Inn on the River San Antonio Riverwalk

We stayed at a small bed and breakfast called Inn on the River.  This was a very quaint home built in 1916.  It has 12 bedrooms and located on the river less than a mile from downtown.  Each morning the hosts served us a wonderful breakfast and our room was cozy and cute.  During the mornings and afternoons we visited the local shops, a flea market, a 3-story mall, and the Mexican market.  During lunch and evenings we tasted some of the best Tex-Mex food Southern Texas has to offer.  One of the places we dined, Casa Rio, was the first restaurant on the Riverwalk.  During our meal, we sat by the river and tossed tortilla chips to the ducks below.

Lunch at Casa Rio Remember the Alamo!

Not far from the Riverwalk is the Alamo.  This historic area has dozens of monuments and historical markers.  We were allowed inside the building, but they did not allow pictures of the interior.  There are several other missions located in San Antonio, but we are saving those for another visit.

Breakfast on the Riverwalk Natural Bridge Caverns

Finally, on our way back home, we stopped at the Natural Bridge Caverns.  These caverns are some of the largest in Texas and were very impressive.  In the end, San Antonio was another great trip and now we get to start looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!>

- Nathan

10/19/03 - Fort Worth Zoo - One of the items I won recently from the Mix Rewards website was a pair of tickets to the Fort Worth Zoo.  We had hoped this weekend was going to be in the mid seventies (like much of this month has been), but the temperature ended up being closer to the upper eighties.  I heard on the radio today that fall in Texas is when the temperature is no longer in the triple digits ;).  Among the animas seen were the new white tigers, komodo dragons, koala, flamingo, and a variety of Texas wildlife.

Lazy... Lazy...
Lazy... Lazy Animals

- Nathan