10/09/10 - Murder on Misty Island The setting was a 10-year class/housemate reunion on a private island in British Columbia.    What should have been rest and relaxation for several college roommates ended up being a recipe for murder.  This was another one of the rare games where the murderer was informed of their status on page one of their manual - and they were allowed to lie.  It was up to the rest of us to solve the crime and we more or less narrowed it down to two suspects based on the means to commit the crime; however, this particular mystery was very vague on the details.

The suspects...


Monica Gestetner (Neurosurgeon)

Melinda Lehman (Actress) & Dave Bagshaw (Computer Genius)

John Allured (Screenwriter) & Gertrud Hesseldorf (House Mother)

Rick Tuttle (Business Tourist)

Ken Muller (Ship Captain) & Kristen Potter (Soccer Mom...the Murderer!)

- Nathan