09/23/11 - MD Resort B&B Susan and I had a weekend to kill and there was also a Groupon offering I had wanted to purchase.  MD Resort B&B was offering a discounted murder mystery package.  The B&B was nice, but there really wasn't much to do when we were there other than relax (which is certainly okay.. and probably much needed).  We visited the Large Cat Sanctuary and also found a nice little place to eat Gumbo.  There were also several ranch animals that were eager to be pet and/or fed (mostly fed).


Dressed to Kill Donkey Kisses

It was kind of an unusual murder mystery.  Instead of a script we were given basic info about our characters and we were supposed to actually try and figure out who the murderer was (and we also had the option of committing another murder if someone was onto our trail of lies and deceit).  We didn't catch the murderer while we were there, but at least we weren't victims ;).

- Nathan